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We have partnered with 4 Eagle Ranch.

About Us 

Winterhawk is a family owned and operated business. 

Winterhawk is a family owned and operated business.  We canít remember a time when we didnít have a dog in the family.  Years ago we fell in love with Labrador and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  Even now when our passion is Alaskan Huskies, we still have a black lab at home. 

After playing college and pro football, professional motocross, competing in karate tournaments all across the country and climbing mountains around the world, Ron is much better suited to the trail than the office.

Peggy is also a black belt, climber, and skier and when not driving her own dog team doubles as our marketing director and office manager.  After working 28 years as a computer tech, she has become indispensible on the business end of things.

It seems we do everything as a family.  Austin, 28, also earned his black belt at the early age of ten.  He has been mushing for 8 years and has become quite the mountain man, but his real passion is cooking.  We donít eat out much because of him.  Why go out when you have such a great cook at home?

Heather is a Lt. Col. in the Air Force working out of the Pentagon.  With an MBA from William and Mary, she provides valuable business advice on a regular basis.

Ronís sister Sandy, a CPA, handles the accounting end of the business.  She has been our accountant from the beginning and weíd be lost without her. 

Being dog lovers and an active, outdoor family, dogsledding was a natural fit. Twenty years ago while skiing back to civilization after a week of backcountry skiing and camping we had our first encounter with a dog team flying down the trail.  We were hooked. We started our business nine years ago with two rescued Siberians and 19 Alaskans.  We started that first year running one or two sleds and now run up to 8 sleds and own 120 amazing Alaskan Huskies.  We continue to develop our racing team. We believe racing takes both the dogs and the musher to another level and interacting with other mushers is the only way to continue learning and improving. 

Dogs are our life.  Our long-term goal is to develop a non-profit organization that uses sled dogs to work with inner-city and under privileged kids.  We canít imagine our life without dogs