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We have partnered with 4 Eagle Ranch.


What do you feed the dogs? 

During the winter season we feed the dogs a high energy kibble that is 30% protein and 20% fat (30/20).  We feed them dry kibble morning and evening and at lunch we feed them our special “Goop”.  This mixture consists of raw meat, eggs, rice, wheat germ, oat meal, and garlic.  In the off season they are fed a 27/12 kibble once a day. Also, at lunch to keep them hydrated we bait their water with hamburger meat to entice them to drink plenty of water. 

Do the dogs like doing this? 

We always laugh at this one, because it’s so obvious once we hit the trail that the answer is yes.  All breeds of dogs are happiest when they have a job to do.   Alaskan huskies are only happy laying  on the couch after a good hard run.    It’s impossible to push a rope, so when you see the line that attaches the team to the sled  as taut as a  guitar string you know the dogs are really into their jobs. 

What should I wear? 

See the page titled “WHAT TO WEAR” .

Do you breed the dogs? 

Yes, but not always.  Many kennel owners are very proud of their line of dogs.  So proud in fact that they never breed to a dog outside their own kennel.  This leads to a stagnant kennel that never improves beyond a certain level.  We occasionally buy proven dogs from other kennels just to keep improving our kennel. 

What do you do in the summer? 

We own 78 Alaskan Huskies, taking care of them is a year round, seven day a week job.  Our dogs truly are our life.  

What do the dogs do in the summer? 

We offer tours.  See TOURS page.  We also run them with an ATV or let them run loose in a large 1/2 acre enclosure at our cabin kennel. 

Are the dogs friendly? 

Dogs are just like people in many ways.  They each have their own unique personalities.  They are all friendly, but some are more outgoing than others, just like people.   On a team of twelve dogs there may be one shy dog and eleven that can’t get enough attention.  You’ll easily know which is which.  

What level of experience and fitness is  required? 

On our basic tour, no experience is required and no specific level of fitness.  Our race training program and overnight trips do require a moderately fit individual.  See our Programs section for further explanation. 


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